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Running out of hot water? Problem solved with a gas Atlanta  tankless water heater.  With a tankless heater, water is heated only when needed, which means no energy is being used when not in use. This makes for savings on fuel, and a never ending supply of hot water. Many families with children who take back to back showers and have large garden tubs really benefit from tankless water heating. Also people who often travel reap the benefits because water is not being stored and heated over and over while not at home.

All tankless water heaters are not created equal. Some are designed for “point of use” or may only supply enough hot water for 1-2 fixtures simultaneously. In most cases, a whole house tankless heater such as the Noritz NRC98 or Rinnai RL75i  is needed. When sized and installed correctly, a tankless system will supply endless hot water for years. Theses heaters are deigned to last 20+ years or more when maintained properly.

Email picture of current water heater to for quick pricing.

*Prices include labor and materials to remove and haul off old water heater, upgrade gas line, and furnish and install new tankless unit.

*May be eligible for $300 Tankless Tax Credit


*If a pressure regulator only is needed, the cost is $225.

*If an expansion tank only is needed the cost is $195


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